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The Big Policy Canvas Knowledge Base is a state-of-the-art, online and dynamic repository that functions as an accumulator uniting all the knowledge produced during the project. It is structured along the three dimensions of needs, trends and assets and furthermore offers a mapping among them by defining how they are interconnected and how they influence each other.

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Google pursues several Big Data projects around the globe to support humans and nature as for instance the pollution sensors added to google cars to log the air pollution within metropoles and cities. ( The latest perceptions are published in an environmental report.

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MapR is a Data Solution for various industries, government and the health sector. 

At the core of MapR is the MapR Converged Data Platform (MCDP) that enables simultaneous analytics and applications, so governments can manage the magnanimity and complexity of data.

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The same as ID 108(KDI Project). A Medical Data Solution for hospitals and governments. They are primary using the software solution parts developed by Big Data International (

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The paper analyses the the efforts undertaken by the United States Social Security Administration (SSA) regarding the adoption of big data analytics. Thereby, the paper aims to foster a strong understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with the adoption of big data analytics in the public sphere.

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The Slovenian government decided to implement the “Interoperable Data Gathering for e-Social Security” in 2010 following the “National Strategy on Electronic Services Development and Electronic Data Exchange” launched in 2009. The Slovenian government decided to implement the “Interoperable Data Gathering for e-Social Security” with the aim of reducing the efforts by applicants but also to simplify the decision process in relation to the allocation of different social security measures.

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A Platform for the integration of big data streams with the support of machine learning

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The Interoperability Centre of the Greek Ministry of Finance is an information system, developed by the General Secretariat of Information Systems, aiming at the interconnection of Public Administration electronic services. The Interoperability Center provides a unified infrastructure for the installation and use of online services through which operational data is exchanged between the Ministry of Finance and other public bodies

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This paper firstly reviewed several large-scale military simulations producing big data (MS big data) for a variety of usages and summarized the main characteristics of result data. Then the authors looked at the technical details involving the generation, collection, processing, and analysis of MS big data. Finally, the authors identified some key challenges and proposed a framework as a basis for future work.


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The English government is committed to working with local authorities and their partners to help 120,000 troubled families in England turn their lives around by 2015. The family monitoring data was collected by Ecorys as part of the national evaluation of the programme. Please read the Ecorys interim report on family monitoring data for more detail and additional results.

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Different organisations and information systems must be interoperable, so that data only needs to be requested from the citizen once. Estonia’s solution for maintaining a modern state is X-road, a platform that allows the secure exchange of data in order to provide efficient public services.

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