Big Policy Canvas: a project about Data Driven Policy Making

Transforming policy making through Big Data and Open Innovation


Project's results

About the project

Are you a public sector representative, ICT expert or a researcher in the field of data-driven policy making ? Do you wish to have a say in the design of the future European Public Sector?

Big Policy Canvas offers its perspective on how barriers that impede big data-driven modernisation in policymaking can be overcome. Moreover, Big Policy Canvas fosters collaboration amongst relevant stakeholders towards building a more effective, efficient, precise and evidence-based public sector.

Goals of the project

BPC aims at renovating the public sector on a cross-border level by mapping the needs of public administrations with methods, technologies, tools and applications from both the public & the private sector, stepping upon the power of open innovation and the rich opportunities for analysis and evidence-based policy making generated by big data.

As a result, the project will deliver a live roadmap that will propose short and midterm milestones and relevant actions needed towards achieving the expected impacts for the public sector and the society at large.

Don’t miss the opportunity to start a decisive step forward for European Policy in digital governance!