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BPC Workshop on “Transforming Decision and Policy Making through Big Data” was held on the 4th of September very well received by the attending public.


We are pleased to invite you to the Big Policy Canvas Workshop on “Transforming Decision and Policy Making through Big Data” where you can share your view on how barriers impeding big data driven modernisation in decision and policy making can be overcome.


We are happy to announce that BPC first workshop will be held in Krems during the EGOV-CeDEM-ePART 2018 conference. Come and join us on the 4th of September!


In the course of our primary research activities, interviews were conducted with representatives of public administrations, private sector and science on the three core components of the BPC-project – namely the needs of public administration as well as trends an

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Energies for Local Administrations to Renovate Governance in Europe

ENLARGE is a 2-year project led by Istituto per la ricerca sociale (IRS) and funded by the European Union. It aims to generate and disseminate knowledge on participatory governance with focus on sustainable energy, through a process of dialogue and exchange involving policy makers, civil society actors and practitioners.

Policy Development based on Advanced Geospatial Data Analytics and Visualisation

PoliVisu is a Research and Innovation project designed to evolve the traditional public policy making cycle using big data. The aim is to enhance an open set of digital tools to leverage data to help public sector decision-making become more democratic by (a) experimenting with different policy options through impact visualisation and (b) using the resulting visualisations to engage and harness the collective intelligence of policy stakeholders for collaborative solution development.

SIMplifying the interaction with Public Administration Through Information technology for Citizens and cOmpanies

A seamless interaction with the public administration (PA) is crucial to make the daily activities of companies and citizens more effective and efficient, saving time and money in the management of administrative processes. In particular, online public services have an enormous potential for reducing the administrative burden of companies and citizens, as well as for creating saving opportunities for the PA. This potential is however far from being fully exploited.

Empowering Citizens to Transform Public European Administration

CITADEL aims to explore, monitor and analyse the drivers, enablers, impact, risks and barriers of open, innovative and collaborative government across a diverse terrain of PAs through an open and scalable platform based on innovative ICTs in order to understand, transform and improve by proposing recommendations to enhance the PAs policies and processes with a view to deliver effective, inclusive and high quality public services across Europe.

CITADEL’s mission will be realized by achieving the following objectives:

Meaningful Integration of Data, Analytics and Services

MIDAS (Meaningful Integration of Data Analytics and Services) will address the needs of policy makers and citizens across Europe by delivering a unified big data platform. This platform will map, acquire, manage, model, process and exploit existing heterogeneous health care data and other governmental data along with external open data to enable the creation of evidence-based actionable information.