Digital Policy Model Canvas

A tool to guide policy makers to derive specific policies and regulatory mechanisms in an agile and iterative manner – integrating both design thinking and evidence - based policy making. This notion of a canvas is borrowed from the business world. The canvas approach helps translate broad insights and understandings to the needs of a particular country. It also helps define the key issues at stake as well as metrics to evaluate success and suggest avenues for possible iteration and improvement. Overall, such an approach provides an element of rigor in methodology that can help guide policymakers through the often confusing and contradictory universe of digital policymaking. It offers structure with flexibility, and a broad approach informed by global lessons with the ability to focus on a specific region

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Policy Design and Analysis
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Extremely interesting and helpful finding! It allows not only for the use of such a tool, but also for the familiarization of non-experts with the concept of policy modelling!

The tool is indeed very useful since it offers a structured framework on how to cope with a specific issue or opportunity. Thus, the tools – as you already mentioned – promotes the concept of policy modelling.

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