Esthonian Budget Visualisation Calculator

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Big data potential
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Agenda Setting
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Strengths• Shows major income and expenditure articles at a glance, structured by government functions.
• Integrity: non-profit and has not been funded by any political group
• Interactive visualization: The visualization shows two sides of the equation, income (mostly taxes) and expenditure by category. The size of bubbles is proportional to the size of budget items. This simple visual helps to compare the sums.
• Ability to see cost articles within each budget heading by clicking on a bubble
• Dragging the outline of a bubble to see how manipulating different sums results in the balance of the budget. Ideally, every budget needs to be balanced, so the changes you make on the spending sides should be balanced on the income side.
Weaknesses• Refers only to Estonia’s tax rates
• Not clear difference between gross and net income: The concepts of gross and net income have different meanings, depending on whether a business or a wage earner is being discussed.
• User interface:
a) doesn’t provide a Clear All option
b) clicking on the bubble will appear cost articles within each budget heading that you cannot undo
Opportunities• Promoting transparency and accountability.
• Facilitate understanding: The official Budget Bill is made up of long tables that do little to explain how the taxpayers' money is spent. Meieraha shows major income and expenditure articles at a glance, structured by government functions, making it easier for taxpayers to understand.
Threats• Misinterpretation: once you input your income a percentage is shown of the amount of money you spend on taxes ‘taxes burden’, however this includes taxes that are payed by the employer e.g put 1000€ income and you’ll get 51% or 683€ which includes the taxes paid by the employer

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