Thousand Visions

Engage and educate stakeholders in a compelling and complicated set of trade-offs regarding future regional transportation projects

Type of content: Assets
Type of asset:
Big data potential
Policy domains: Urban Planning & Transport
Phase in the policy cycle:
Policy Design and Analysis
Implementation/customisation cost
Open license availability
Ease of use
Tags: Citizen-centred policy-making
SWOT Analysis for
Thousand Visions
Helpful Harmful
Strengths• Educate and engage your community or track your performance via interactive games and charts that help you make better decisions.
• Availability of a shared minimal language in gamification: users recognising common features in different applications, can immediately gain a clear perception of the actions required by them, shortening the learning curve and favouring a quick user engagement
• Availability of ready-to-use solutions: any website, application or social network can add game elements, by simply embedding codes in their systems or integrating pre-packaged software modules.
• Enhancement of user engagement and motivation: Gamification generally aims at leveraging the most involving aspects of games for enhancing motivation and engagement of users and, thus, increasing their productivity and performances
Weaknesses• No open License availability
• High implementation /customisation Cost
• Unclear effects on user attitudes and behaviours
• Simplification and limitation of the game elements employed: Some designers believe
that limiting its perspective to the use of points, badges and leader boards is the main problem of gamification.
• One-size fits all: The spreading of third-part services on the one hand has promoted the adoption of gamification, on the other hand has highlighted the problem of the one-size-fits-all approach currently applied to many gamification interventions. This design technique is mainly actualised as a cut and paste methodology, lacking originality not only for the scarce variety of the elements commonly employed, but also for a perspective that is inclined to consider different contexts and different users in the same way.
• Side effects: many researches highlighted that different forms of extrinsic rewards could determine, in specific contexts, a detrimental effect on the users’ intrinsic motivation
Opportunities• Increasing acceptance by the market: Gamification is having such a great success in the business world that many financial analysts see a rapid increase of its adoption in the next future
• Push of Videogame Industry: There is no doubt that the success of gamification is also driven by the recent growth in the gaming industry and the mass appeal that videogames have in the entertainment arena.
• Increasing interest of the academic world: Gamification is receiving an increasing attention by the academic world. Researches aimed at investigating the effects of game elements on users are more and more
• Inclusion of new game elements: Although points, badges and leaderboards are the most common game elements used in gamification, game designers have a huge quantity of components at their disposal, almost unexplored in the gamification practices
Threats• Unrealistic expectations: The spread of gamification in work process, educational dynamics and interactive systems generated a series of expectation, among companies, designers and researchers, related to the power of games in driving human behaviour now the risk of disappointment is more concrete than ever. Nor every context is suitable of being addressed with it, neither are the game elements able to engage all type of users. A reduction of expectations and interests in the next years is somehow physiological, since many applications are failing in reaching their goals.
• Failure by poor design: By not recognising what is really rewarding for users and the meaningful aspects of gamification has recently generated a sense of scepticism if these practices will continue to implement poor design application and services, it is easy to imagine that the sort of fame achieved up until now will soon be fading

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