Public FLOOD Emergency and Awareness SERVice


The overall objective of FLOOD-serv is to provide a pro-active and personalized citizen-centric public service application that will encourage citizens’ involvement and will the involvement of the citizen and will harness the collaborative power of ICT networks (networks of people, knowledge and sensors) to raise awareness on flood risks and enable collective risk mitigation solutions and response actions.

The general objectives of FLOOD-serv are:


FLOOD-serv is expected to:

1.Stimulate the creation, delivery and use of new services on a variety of devices, utilising new web technologies, coupled with open public data
It will deploy and pilot a user-driven participatory solution where public value is created by the ability to share, interact and collaborate between actors and by harnessing human and ICT capabilities and open data.

Date start
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Type of project
INSO-1-2015 - ICT-enabled open government (IA)