The Big Policy Canvas Research Roadmap is Online in Commentable Format

The new version of the Big Policy Canvas Roadmap for Future Research Directions in Data-Driven Policy Making is available online in commentable format. Further, a selection of chapters from the roadmap is available for download.

The roadmap aims to put forward the different research and innovation directions that should be followed in order to reach the anticipated vision for making the public sector a key player in tackling societal challenges through new data-driven policy-making approaches.

The road-mapping exercise encompasses three main steps:
1) Identification of the gaps and external framework factors that hinder the rapid and effective uptake of data-driven policy-making and policy-implementation solutions and approaches
2) Elaboration of a set of future research challenges and application scenarios related to the use of big data in policy making
3) Definition of a set of practical research directions and recommendations for all stakeholders involved

At this stage, we present a set of research needs stemming from the gap analysis, as well as an initial set of research challenges categorised in five main clusters. Specifically, we kindly ask you to:
- Comment on the set of research needs (e.g. add needs/gaps)
- Comment on the cluster classification (e.g. add clusters)
- Add research challenges that you deem important
- Add application cases

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Big data