The BigPolicyCanvas Experience and next steps

The BigPolicyCanvas project has been guided by the vision of transforming the public sector into an efficient and evidence-based policy making structure. In this respect, particular emphasis has been laid on the potential of Big Data technologies for the design, development and implementation of policies but, what is all this technology without a proper translation into real action?

In BigPolicyCanvas we had this clear from minute 0 and, accordingly, relevant stakeholders (representatives of public authorities, ICT/Big Data related private business, scientific research and civil society organisations) have been involved to validate, enrich and refine BigPolicyCanvas results aligned with their specific needs, which has resulted in a natural assimilation and implementation of such knowledge.

Prominent members of the BigPolicyCanvas community are the 5 experts in e-Government and Big Data that have advised the project and have participated in the main project activities (focus groups, workshops, webinars), sharing their experience and expertise: Ms Nuria de Lama, Dr. Giuseppe A. Veltri, Dr. Peter Parycek, Dr. Vittorio Loreto and Dr. Gianluca Misuraca. Additionally, BDVA members that constitute the e-Government working group are also collaborating with us in the elaboration of the JRC-BigPolicyCanvas joint White Paper “Big Data and Public Sector: Roadmap for future Research directions”, that will be presented at the High-Level Conference on Data Economy on the 25th-26th November 2019 in Finland. And so many others, interested people that have approached BigPolicyCanvas attracted by its results and have done their bit for a successful project.

Now, the project has finished, but it is more alive than ever. The BigPolicyCanvas community members are ready to elaborate further the project's results, disseminate them and introduce Big Data related innovations in the policy making process. The discussions will continue in the Public Sector transformation LinkedIn group, join us! We are looking forward to welcoming you in the group and collaborate towards building a more precise and evidence-based Public Sector.