The first round of interviews has been completed!

In the course of our primary research activities, interviews were conducted with representatives of public administrations, private sector and science on the three core components of the BPC-project – namely the needs of public administration as well as trends and assets that meet these needs.

Altogether 10 interviews and 3 focus groups with up to 10 participants have been conducted so far. In addition, we interviewed our BPC experts Nuria de Lama (Deputy Secretary General at European Big Data Value Forum), Giuseppe A. Veltri (Professor at Università degli Studi di Trento), Vittorio Loreto (Professor at "Sapienza" Univ. of Rome) and Peter Parycek (Professor at Danube University Krems).

All interviewees shared their manifold experience with us and opened up exciting perspectives on public administration needs, trends and assets. It was a pleasure for us to talk with all professional and scientific experts and to gain all these profound information. The discussions provided us with an essential insight into chances, opportunities and barriers of evidence-based practises in the public sector and generated great value for the project. The results of the discussions will be included in the corresponding deliverables and the Big Policy Canvas Knowledge Base, which will be released on our website soon.

However, of course our work has not been finished at this point! Our goal is to conduct further interviews on these topics in the upcoming months in order to get an even better insight into the issues and to deliver qualitative good results.

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