Needs and Trends for data-driven policy making

We have taken another step towards the project goals! At the end of March, the deliverable regarding public administrations´ needs and trends has been finished.

Interviews and an online survey helped us to get an insight into current issues that concern public administrations. Identified key needs are, for example, well-trained staff, IT understanding within the administration and the availability of data and information.

To identify trends, we used a quantitative approach that depicts the trend tendency on the basis of scientific publication frequencies. Social media, big data and performance measurement stood out as most important in the public sector. The results of the deliverable will be available soon.

However, the work still goes on – further needs and trends should be identified in the coming months. If you are interested in participating, you can find the online survey regarding the needs here! The online questionnaire on the trends follows soon.

needs trends deliverable