Energy Planning Vienna

Smart and integrated energy planning system.

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Energy Planning Vienna
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Strengths• Coordination and further development of energy concepts
• Controlling of objectives of existing energy policies and concepts, and drawing up of recommendations and measures
• Administering the Fund of the Province of Vienna for the promotion of green electricity and drawing up the relevant funding guidelines
• Cooperating in the development and allocation of energy funding
• Energy assessment of projects in the framework of administrative procedures
• Developing pilot projects to promote new energy technologies
• Cooperating in projects to raise awareness on increasing energy efficiency
Weaknesses• Lack of data on energy and CO2 emission reductions
• Awareness: public relation activities and the initiation of show cases is recommended
• Regulatory measures required: higher refurbishment rates cannot be achieved if only financial support is offered, regulatory measures are also required
Opportunities• Enhances energy efficiency and climate-friendly mobility, to increase the use of waste heat, and promotes the use of renewables for energy generation.
• Sustainable savings in its own sphere of action of 15 GWh/year
• Stabilisation of power consumption
• Reduction of power consumption of public lighting
• Increased energy management for own assets
• Promotion of low energy buildings (funding)
• Increased focus on energy efficiency criteria in all tendering
Threats• Climate change, urban heat
• Limited space and resources
• Population growth, migration
• Slow economic growth, difficult framework conditions
• Affordable living
• Excessive dependency on fossil fuels
• Risk of energy resources price increase

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