The EU Joint Research Centre (JRC) collects the tools and databases to each published entry on the EU Science Hub respectively. The collection contains a total of 177 tools and databases for all policy domains. The tools and databases are categorised by name and acronym and can be filtered by research area or keyword.

Type of content: Assets
Type of asset:
Platform / Portal
Portal / Database
Big data potential
Phase in the policy cycle:
Policy Monitoring and Evaluation
Open license availability
SWOT Analysis for
EU Science Hub
Helpful Harmful
StrengthsA comprehesive list of tools that exist in all of europe.
Compilation of databases and development of software and modelling tools.
WeaknessesIt is not an a exhaustive list and there is no extra analysis per tool.
OpportunitiesTo be able to merge with other different platforms. ThreatsCan be subjected to legal restrictions, e.g. patents

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