European Data Portal

The European Data Portal harvests the metadata of Public Sector Information available on public data portals across European countries. Information regarding the provision of data and the benefits of re-using data is also included

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Big data potential
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Policy Monitoring and Evaluation
Implementation/customisation cost
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SWOT Analysis for
European Data Portal
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Strengths• Data catalogues can describe their dataset collections using a standardised description, while keeping their own system for documenting and storing them.
• Content aggregators, such as the European Data Portal, can easily aggregate such descriptions into a single point of access.
• Data consumers can more easily search and find datasets by using the same parameters on different portals thanks to a harmonised vocabulary.
• The current version of DCAT-AP has been implemented by 12 countries in Europe, including Germany and Italy. -Many more data portals at the European, regional and local level are compliant with the DCAT Application Profile.
• Sufficient flexibility but at the same time covers the most essential metadata requirements.
Weaknesses• Data quality: the format and structure of metadata differ from portal to portal.
• Focused mainly on European administrations.
• Long standardisation processes
• Digital divide
Opportunities• The use of an international standard for metadata publishing is crucial for interoperability of data portals and harmonisation of data coming from different sources
• Modern technological challenges and moving towards trustful linked open data.
• Modernisation of public administrations in Europe through the development of eGovernment solutions.
Threats• Data quality: the format and structure of metadata differ from portal to portal.
• Balance between openness and protection of information.
• Technological challenges
• Long standardisation processes


Initiatives like the European Data Portal should be the case nowadays. As we live in the “one-stop-shop” era, it has to be ensured that end-users do not wander when it comes to finding important sources dealing with open data, laws, initiatives etc. This should be one of the key-outcomes of this knowledge base.

The European Data Portal focuses on Open Data by harvesting open data across all European open data portals. To make it as easy as possible for the end-users indeed a reduction of information to one source or platform is needed.

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