Improve the process of recruiting in order to acquire suitable staff in a timely manner

A relevant but also critical factor in public management is the staff. It is important to recruit junior staff and specialists, which can manage the given challenges and have the necessary skills and technical knowledge to promote the digital transformation. Particularly in view of the demographic developments, it seems essential to recruit new staff and retain them in the long term.[1]

Qualified employees are, according to all respondents, one of the key points to be able to perform the tasks in the administration. Some participants in the focus group criticised the recruiting process as too lengthy and complicated. Recruiting new staff becomes highly relevant in the formulation and implementation of policies, but has significant impact in all stages of the policy cycle.


[1] Ogonek, N., Gorbacheva, E., Räckers, M., Becker, J., Krimmer, R., Broucker, B., Crompvoets, J. (2016), Towards Efficient EGovernment: Identifying Important Competencies for EGovernment in European Public Administrations, Electronic Government and Electronic Participation, 23, 155-162,
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The public service is a very popular employer among young people because it offers a security that many people are looking for. However, I have seen for myself how time-consuming recruitment in this sector can be. If the public sector wants to recruit and retain well-qualified and motivated people, we should consider  to speed up the rigid and bureaucratic procedures. After all, if an application procedure takes months, you should not be surprised if all the good candidates have already found other jobs...

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