Lisbon City Hall - Participatory Budgeting

Lisbon Participatory budgeting (here in after, Lx-PB) structure is designed in such a way that the public and the city council should work together. It also embraces ICT, that is, it uses the internet and SMS, encourages the people to take part – face-to-face as well as through online platform ( The face-to-face platform where the citizens of Lisbon could take part in budgeting process is known as Participatory Assemblies (PAs, here in after). Often, several PAs take place during Spring and Autumn time period. PAs allow the participants to propose new proposals, present to the audience and discuss. Comments and inputs from the participants will be included into the proposal. Nevertheless, where in PAs a person can submit two proposals, an online portal can only accept one proposal. The rationale behind is to encouraged citizens to meet and deliberate on their proposals face-to-face. Besides, it sparks “contest of ideas” (Dias, 2010) among proposers and the latter also invite citizens to vote on the proposal

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