Official Service partner for Microsoft and NATO.The main aim is that the customer should be able to concentrate on the important things, without having to waste time on or worry about maintaining their systems. That has led to the development of numerous tools that offer immeasurable help with performance optimization, data security, data imaging and with the recovery lost data.

Type of content: Assets
Type of asset:
Big data potential
Policy domains: International Issues and Defense
Phase in the policy cycle:
Policy Implementation
Implementation/customisation cost
Open license availability
Ease of use
Tags: Smart surveillance systems Information management
SWOT Analysis for
The OO Software
Helpful Harmful
Strengths• Leading manufacturer of system tools
• Microsoft Gold Partner (the highest partner level)
• One of the very few companies worldwide who can license their products with Microsoft-based technology
• O&O is one of the few European software manufacturers that has Master Agreements with the Bundesrepublik of Germany and NATO for delivery of its software.
• Provides tools that offer help with performance optimisation, data security, data imaging and with the recovery lost data.
Weaknesses• Low ease of use
• Implementation/customisation cost
• Focus mainly on large enterprises
Opportunities• High demand on performance optimisation, data security, data imaging and lost data recovery tools.
• Cloud-based services
Threats• Data privacy
• Increasing pace of technological change and higher level of technical sophistication
• Increasing competition
• Threats posed by malware

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