Smart Surveillance Systems

The term “smart” in this trend indicates, that it is not only about collecting and storing data, but about automation of data analyses. Kim et al. describe this as follows: “Smart surveillance system is mainly composed of automatic video/audio analysis. Therefore, an emerging surveillance system must consider multimedia information for monitoring activities and extracting meaningful information from the environment.”[1]
In this context, Zuboff introduced the concept of surveillance capitalism. Surveillance capitalism can be described as a new subspecies of capitalism that considers data as a source of revenue. In this type of capitalism, profit is obtained from the supervision and modification of human behaviour. For this purpose, real-time data are used (for example from insurance companies) to influence people. [2]


[1]    Kim, B., Psannis, K., Bhaskar, H. (2017), Special section on emerging multimedia technology for smart surveillance system with IoT environment, The Journal of Supercomputing, 73(3), 923-925
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