Agrivi farm management

The software helps farmers to plan, monitor and analyse all activities on their farm like tillage, planting, crop protection, fertilization, irrigation or harvesting.

Type of content: Assets
Type of asset:
Big data potential
Policy domains: Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry & Foods
Phase in the policy cycle:
Policy Implementation
Implementation/customisation cost
Open license availability
Ease of use
Tags: Smart work Smart surveillance systems Process and resource optimisation
SWOT Analysis for
Agrivi farm management
Helpful Harmful
Strengths• Its features include project-oriented farm management with a simple and fast way of planning, monitoring and tracking all farm activities and inputs usage
• Advance sales and expense tracking ensures taking control over farm finances, inventory management with low inventory alarms removes delays in production caused by lack of inputs
• Weather monitoring with detailed 7-day weather forecast and 3-year weather history for each field
• Smart disease risk detection alarms.
• Received the title of the World's Best Startup in 2014 by winning 1st prize in the World Startup Competition held in Seoul, Korea, in November that year
• High TRL
Weaknesses• Lack of awareness regarding suitable agricultural methods among the farmers
• High implementation/ customisation cost
• No open license availability
Opportunities• Integrated automated robotics, e.g. computer controlled stand-alone systems that milk the dairy cattle without human labour Threats• Climate change is putting pressure on the resources we all depend on, increasing risks associated with natural, but also insect pest and disease which threaten 20-40% of all yield worldwide
• World population growth. By 2050 global food production will need to increase by over 60% if we are to feed the entire population

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