Qlik enables to create visualisations, dashboards, and apps that answer a company’s most important questions

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Big data potential
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Policy Design and Analysis
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Strengths• End-to-end data management and analytics platform
• Its end-to-end strategy takes raw data from all corners of the enterprise and transforms it into analytics-ready information that everyone can explore.
• Puts all your data, from any source and location, into an easy-to-use, governed enterprise catalogue from which, users can “shop” for the right data without compromising security policies.
• Artificial Intelligence combined with human intuition. That’s Augmented Intelligence, and Qlick use it to increase the data literacy of everyone in the workforce.
• Extends analytics to wherever data can benefit an organisation-business.
• Its unique Associative Engine associates every piece of data with every other piece. So you can explore in any direction, making discoveries as you go.
• Extends to every team, process, application and device.
Weaknesses• High implementation /customization cost
• Low ease of use
• Does not integrate 3rd party visuals
• Not user friendly interface
Opportunities• Data literacy for all: a data literate workforce is the key to move fast, make change, and lead in your industry.
• Rapid change of business
• Data visualization has turned into an irreplaceable standard for today's business intelligence (BI). Data visualization tools now play an integral role in democratizing data and analytics, opening up access to data-driven insights to workers throughout an organization
Threats• Competition
• High implementation /customization cost
• Low ease of use

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