Runtastic Applications

Runestatic offers a vast amount of diagnostic health tools and apps for the smart phone communities

Type of content: Assets
Type of asset:
Data source
Big data potential
Policy domains: Health
Phase in the policy cycle:
Policy Design and Analysis
Implementation/customisation cost
Open license availability
Ease of use
Tags: BI Data analytics Real time information
SWOT Analysis for
Runtastic Applications
Helpful Harmful
Strengths• More than 245 million downloads and 130+ million registered users on,
• Runtastic’s mobile applications sync directly with proprietary hardware to track distance, speed, pace, duration, heart rate, calorie consumption and route travelled (via maps) when running, biking or engaging in other exercise activities.
• The results can be viewed directly within the app, via Runtastic GPS devices or on, where users can view their online training log, get detailed data analysis and compare with others.
• User-friendly interface
• Combines fitness with mobile applications, social networking and elements of gamification
• Fitness advice, training programs, customisation
Weaknesses• No open license availability
• Market remains highly unorganised and fragmented
Opportunities• Hardware (including wearable devices)
• Online training
• Partnerships with gyms, gym equipment companies
Threats• Competition

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