Trackur’s automated sentiment analysis looks at the specific keyword one is monitoring and then determines if the sentiment towards that keyword is positive, negative or neutral with the document. That’s weighted the most in Trackur algorithm. It can be used to monitor all social media and mainstream news, to gain executive insights through trends, keyword discovery, automated sentiment analysis and influence scoring

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Strengths• Full monitoring of all social media and mainstream news, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and millions more!
• Social Analytics: Fresh data, proprietary sentiment analysis, and accurate influencer scores.
• Fully Integratable: Add media monitoring to your own tools and customer dashboards.
• More than 10 years of monitoring mainstream & social media.
• Affordable pricing options & a 10-day trial.
• Superb customer service, with 94% satisfaction rate for support requests!
Weaknesses• High implementation /customization cost
Opportunities• Brand monitoring: Monitor the sentiment around a brand and its products.
• Campaign monitoring: Create and follow the development of a marketing campaign as it unfolds within internal and external content channels.
• Competitive intelligence: Follow competitors and assess the perception of customers around their activities.
• Identifying influencers: Find out who is talking about your brand across several channels.
Threats• Misinterpretation: may ignore the context that the words are used in.
• Difficulty in recognizing things like sarcasm and irony, negations, jokes, and exaggerations.
• Validity/Quality of results
• It’s imperative to have a sufficiently sophisticated and rigorous enough approach that relevant context can be taken into account

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