Vancouver User Voice

The city of Vancouver used a feedback-gathering web-based software to solicit ideas, votes and comments (a process called “ideation”) on how to make the city more environmentally responsible.

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Type of asset:
Use case
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Big data potential
Policy domains: Environment & Energy
Phase in the policy cycle:
Policy Design and Analysis
Open license availability
Ease of use
Tags: Smart City Smart Government Citizen-centred policy-making Cooperative work
SWOT Analysis for
Vancouver User Voice
Helpful Harmful
Strengths• Enhancing urban sustainability
• Increasing public engagement
• Citizens were able to vote and comment on entries.
• City officials followed up on each entry to discuss possible outcomes.
• The project team engaged over 10,000 people from Vancouver and 35,000 people from cities around the world to develop its plans.
Weaknesses• Inclusion of people from different sociodemographic backgrounds: Access and use of these platforms, in particular, might be difficult for marginalized groups in society as it requires skills and aptitude that are often out of their reach
• Active for one year
Opportunities• Cut carbon emissions
• Reduce our dependence on fossil fuels
• Keep energy affordable in the long term
• Achieve 100% of our energy needs from renewable sources before 2050
• Recent advances in crowd-based production technologies and other associated methods have triggered numerous crowdsourcing initiatives for a wide range of government, civic, and commercially oriented causes.
• Web-based platforms that crowdsource civic participation for urban governance have become increasingly prominent in recent years
• Promoting civic engagement: citizens were able to vote and comment on entries
Threats• Substantial criticism for marginalizing certain groups of the population -the cost of the equipment to access the platforms (e.g. smartphones, tablets, or computers) is a potential factor promoting exclusion

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