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Ana María Piñuela (F) received her Diploma of Telecommunications Engineering from the Politechnical University of Madrid in 1998. That year she joined Sema Group Spain (now part of Atos Spain S.A) where she is currently co-Head of the Public Administration sector at Atos Research & Innovation group, the R&D&I node of Atos. Among others she coordinated STORK and STORK 2.0, CIP projects on eID interoperability for secure access to public and private services and RADICAL, a smart cities project. Currently she is coordinating the MaTHiSiS project, an educational platform for personalized learning experience, which is funded under Horizon 2020 framework. She has also been involved in many EU projects related to e-government (SONNETS, BIGPOLICYCANVAS, COCKPIT, +SPACES, CB-Business, BIMUS, IMPULSE, e-Court, ePractice, ImmigrationPolicy 2.0), smart cities (Co-Cities, RADICAL, MOVE-US, Open Cities) and education (NEWTON).

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