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Co-Founder of InnoGage.eu, a dynamic International Innovation Lab turning innovative concepts & services to empower people, organisations & governments to co-create tomorrow’s world, as well as a Digital Consultancy offering services in digital communication & stakeholders' engagement, OpenGov & smart cities to reinvent politics, communication & governance in cyberspace. Since September 2017, Daniel is also advisor at the Cabinet of the Vice-Mayor for Citizen Participation & Urban Revitalisation, City of Brussels. He is also anchor & Partner of AlMouwatin.com TV & Radio, where he conceived “#CrèvelaBulle, l’Europe c’est de la bombe !”. Prior, Daniel was also PoliTech Founder at Fondation EurActiv-PoliTech [www.euractiv.com] and President of POLITECH INSTITUTE integrated to Fondation EurActiv in 2010. Daniel benefits from a unique insight at practical as well as academic level of today's Internet-based innovation in an increasingly global & interrelated world. He holds a Master in International Relations from the 'Centre d’Etudes des Relations Internationales et Stratégiques'​ (CERIS) at ULB (Belgium) & an MBA in 'Entrepreneurship & Innovation' from Swinburne University of Technology (Australia). He is also a certified Webmaster from John Bryce Training Center in Tel Aviv (Israel). In the framework of his activities, he manages the team work, the organisation finances & networking with stakeholders & he contributes to European RTD projects, develops innovative concepts, organises seminars & lectures at events & workshops within high profile international conferences. He is member of various Steering and Scientific Committees & has published various articles in different academic reviews.
• Political Technologies: ePolitics, eDemocracy, eParticipation, eDiplomacy, eGovernance, eGov, Smart Cities & Mobility.
• Digital Communication, social media & stakeholders engagement.
• Open Innovation in the public sphere & media.
• Organisation & conceptualisation of workshops, training & events.
• Conceptualization & implementation of eStrategies for the public sphere .
• European RTD projects.

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