Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a possibility to improve policy and decision making and can be understood as the automation of intelligent and human-like behaviour. The most important techniques to support specific cases of indeed high complex policy making processes are decision support and optimisation techniques, game theory, data and opinion mining, agent-based simulation and visual scenario based evaluations. [1]
Several ethical issues have to be considered when talking about AI. Preventing mistakes in cases of untrained application cases, eliminating bias or protecting from adversaries and unintended consequences are only a few potential dangers. The world economic forum further asks in a big picture how to distribute wealth created by machines and how to deal with unemployment caused by artificial intelligence. [2]


[1]    Milano, M. , O´Sullivan, B., Gavanelli, M. (2014), Sustainable Policy Making: A Strategic Challenge for Artificial Intelligence, AI Magazine, 35(3), 22-35,
[2]    Bossmann, J. (2016), Top 9 ethical issues in artificial intelligence,, retrieved March 1, 2018.


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AI is particularly important for complex and high-impact decision making processes; like the ones existing in public sector related issues! You are accurate in reporting it as an important trend! I think it should be somehow coupled with Big Data, as these two concepts/trends seem complementary…

You are very right, AI and Big Data are indeed complementary since Big Data serves as the basis for AI and Machine Learning.

We will consider the possibility of coupling trends with each other – Thank you for your input. :)

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