GENIX is a huge software company and the official Partner of Australia's defence system to create a Big Data Solution for the Military of Australia. They are working closely together with the most renowned universities and science institutes, similar to Fraunhofer Society or Max-Planck-Society in (Germany/Europe), Sciences Po Paris in France (France/Europe) or Fraunhofer Society (international)

Type of content: Assets
Type of asset:
Big data potential
Policy domains: Foreign Affairs and Defence
Phase in the policy cycle:
Policy Design and Analysis
Open license availability
SWOT Analysis for
Helpful Harmful
Strengths• Expertise in process automation and re-engineering, analytics, optimisation, project delivery and risk management
• Provides a rich, personalised user experience while meeting privacy, security and other regulatory compliance requirements
• High-security, federal government registered cloud service providers house the high-availability infrastructure used to deliver services to customers
• Full help-desk and customer support is offered through Genix’s Melbourne-based call centre.
• Flexible licencing models to reflect changing environments
• Award recipient
Weaknesses• Low ease of use
• High implementation /customization cost
• No open license availability
• Competition
• Increasing pace of technological change and higher level of technical sophistication.
• Some would say that traditional BI and dashboard capabilities can deliver similar results without the added complexity of another software layer
Opportunities• Solving problems in complex, regulated, high-volume and novel environments.
• Advance the platform in the fields of advanced analytics, complex events processing and optimisation.
• Use of the Conscious Machines tools to address the marking of essay-type questions, improved search efficiency and time savings, deliver results based on the most current content, aggregate results across multiple content sources, improve ranking of results drawn from multiple content sources, de-duplicate of content (rules based).
Threats• Low ease of use
• High implementation /customization cost
• No open license availability
• Competition
• Cyber attack
• Data security-privacy
• Data quality
• Users resistance to systems change and implementation
• Rapid changes in technology and IT systems


Genix provides multitude of solutions but no specific one is reported as providing support for policy life cycle for Public Administrations.

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