OpenAIRE is a legal entity supporting the distributed infrastructure for open science in Europe and a European open science policy collaboration network.

OpenAIRE undertakes the following functions: (a) offers services such as a search engine for scholarly works and further support services such as the linking of research results by using text mining techniques, (b) offers guidelines and information on open science policies, (c) is a training provider on how to implement open science, (d) connects researchers to a research community.



Type of content: Assets
Type of asset:
Big data potential
Policy domains: Innovation, Science & Technology
Phase in the policy cycle:
Policy Monitoring and Evaluation
Policy Implementation
Open license availability
SWOT Analysis for
Helpful Harmful
StrengthsThere is the ability to find a service that matches the user's needs, whether they are from the research community, content provider or managers.
There are information and instructions on open science policies.
Several guides and webinars.
WeaknessesCould be subjected to legal restrictions, e.g. GDPR.
OpportunitiesImproving transparency and interoperability.
Exploring cloud services for science, with open big data
ThreatsCould get affected by swifts in policies.
Vast differences in different countries.

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