Secure legal framework

Stable rules enable continuous and reliable control of public administration, which acts within a legal framework. Therefore, public administrations’ work requires stability, consistency, precision and unambiguity of legal regulation. [1]
The interviewed division head in the policy domain „Youth and Welfare“  emphasised the legal aspect in particular. The legal foundations are very complex. On the one hand, they must offer protection, on the other hand, it should not make technical innovations completely impossible. Therefore, the legal standards need to be adjusted because of increased administrative IT penetration.

[1]    Bogumil, J., Jann, W. (2009), Verwaltung und Verwaltungswissenschaft in Deutschland: Einführung in die Verwaltungswissenschaft, VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, Wiesbaden.
Type of content: Needs
Type of need: Legal need
Assessment matrix
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Employment & Social Security
Environment & Energy
Foreign Affairs and Defence
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Urban Planning & Transport
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