SMART Energy Hub

A research Project dealing with the question, of how to improve the Energy-Management in the public sector.

Type of content: Assets
Type of asset:
Big data potential
Policy domains: Environment & Energy
Phase in the policy cycle:
Policy Design and Analysis
Open license availability
Tags: BI Data analytics
SWOT Analysis for
SMART Energy Hub
Helpful Harmful
Strengths• Combining energy management data, weather forecasts and the connection to external marketplaces for optimization of energy management
• Is part of the "Smart Data - Innovations from Data" research program funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)
Weaknesses• Rapidly changing energy market
• Processing large amounts of real-time sensor data
• Low TRL
• Low ease of use
• Site only available in German language
Opportunities• Secure cloud-based solution for SMEs as a basis for new services
• Internal optimization of infrastructure operation
• Rapidly changing energy market
• Optimization of the energy network of infrastructure managers
• Development of new business models
• In-memory database solution
• Decision support and visualization
• Sensor, forecast and market-based energy production and deployment planning
Threats• Rapidly changing energy market
• Normalization of data if gathered from various sources to minimize data collection errors
• Data quality
• Increasing pace of technological change and higher level of technical sophistication.
• Competition

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