NodeXL is a data visualisation and analysis software of relationships and networks that provides exact calculations. It is a free (Basic package not the pro one) and open-source network analysis and visualisation software and one of the best statistical tools for data analysis which includes advanced network metrics, access to social media network data streams, sentiment analysis and automation

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Strengths• Makes it easy to explore network graphs.
• Providing easy access to social media network data streams, advanced network metrics, text and sentiment analysis, and powerful report generation.
• Supported by a global network of academics from a wide variety of disciplines.
• Creates insights into social media streams with just a few clicks
• Graph Metric Calculations: easily calculate basic network metrics like degree, and NodeXL Pro adds calculation of betweenness centrality, closeness centrality, eigenvector centrality, PageRank, clustering coefficient, graph density and more.
• Flexible Import and Export: import graphs from GraphML, Pajek, UCINet, and matrix formats
• Direct Connections to Social
• Zoom and scale: zoom into areas of interest, and scale the graph's vertices to reduce clutter.
• Flexible Layout.
• Easily Adjusted Appearance
• Dynamic Filtering
• Powerful Vertex grouping: group the graph's vertices by common attributes,
• Task Automation: Perform a set of repeated tasks with a single click.
Weaknesses• Low ease of use
• Importing data from social networks not working properly
• Dependence on Windows: Not running on Excel for Mac OS
• No undo option when moving the vertices in the graph and making layout changes.
• Always tries to fit the graph in one window size. It seems that the output of the graph layout is different when using a larger screen and zooming out on a small screen.
• Not possible to align all or a set of vertices to left/right or top/botttom. making manual layout manipulation difficult.
Opportunities• Mapping, measuring and understanding the landscape of social media.
• Social network analysis (SNA) is a powerful way to organize a connected world. Network analysis can reveal insights into the way things connect with one another and form groups.
Threats• Dependence on Windows: Not running on Excel for Mac OS
• Low ease of use
• Competition
• License and intellectual property rights issues
• Data ownership

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