Deeper understanding of IT potential and IT processes

This need is primarily about developing and understanding of the technical processes in the administration. Technological potential has to be identified and understood, thereby reducing employees´ fears of technology and possible consequences. A basic understanding of technology in administration can help make the benefits of technology fully available.
We interviewed a professor of administrative science on this point.  In her opinion, administrative staff needs to get more informed about such topics and attend relevant conferences. Employees can use this information to identify trends and developments. These can then be transferred to the administration and integrated into one's own work.
In this context, the interviewed researcher  has called for the establishment of a data culture within the administration. For example, employees need to be made aware of potentially interesting data that can then be provided.
The conducted survey has revealed that this need is crucial for public administration. So far, it has the highest relevance among the respondents, along with the need for skilled employees.

Type of content: Needs
Type of need: Technical need