Cope with the production of huge volumes of data

Probably one of the biggest needs for administration is to keep up with the technical innovation. To cope with the production of huge volumes of data is a technical problem as well as a big challenge for the staff. On the one hand, there should be established technical infrastructure for new policies and the increasing number of data, on the other hand, the staff needs to be trained and able to manage data and produce “good” data.
The interviewed division head in the policy domain “Youth and Welfare” on regional level  stressed the importance of having enough staff that is able to handle data.
To cope with the technical challenges, it is important that public administration is technical modernised and updated, which in turn requires financial investments. The automation of standardised processes could save a lot of time and resources.[1]


[1]    OECD (2013), Exploring data-driven innovation as a new source of growth: Mapping the policy issues raised by “big-data”, in: OECD: Supporting Investment in Knowledge Capital, Growth and Innovation, OECD Publishing, Paris, 319-356,


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