Cross-linked information exchange

Public sector organisations are mainly knowledge-intensive organisations, and to exploit their knowledge, effective knowledge sharing among the different departments is required. There can be great advantages if information is not only used in the own administration but is shared between hierarchies, different policy areas and levels of government. Including findings from other disciplines in respective monitoring systems (e.g. education, social, youth, and work) can create synergy and learning effects, which in turn leads to a share of benefits.

In the interview with the division head in the policy domain “Youth and Welfare” on regional level, it became clear, that the information exchange is a big issue in German administrations. Due to the federal structure, the data belongs to different players and cannot be easily matched. Analyses and comparisons are made more difficult, whereby valuable information is lost.

Especially in the agenda setting and implementation phase, cross-linked information exchange can bring valuable improvements.

Type of content: Needs
Type of need: Strategical need